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Families with Taxable Estates

Crafting a comprehensive estate plan for a family is a personal experience and demands a customized process and outcome. Two families with nearly identical estates may have extremely different concerns and objectives. 

The key is to create a plan that is tailored to each family’s unique considerations. Here's a glimpse into our personalized process:


Step 1: Initial Conversation

In advance of an initial meeting, potential clients complete our Preliminary Data Questionnaire (PDQ).


Step 2: Presentation of Cost Value Analysis

This in-depth analysis, based on the data collected, allows potential clients to evaluate the benefits of engaging Stavis Wealth.


Step 3: Engagement and Annual Contract

We engage our clients with an annual, fixed fee, contract.


Step 4: Money and Meaning Conversation

We get to know and understand both the goals and objectives for our clients; wealth transfer objectives.


Step 5: Plan Design

Internally, we design a plan tailored to our clients' unique goals, estate tax tolerance, and planning complexity.


Step 6: Estate and Financial Plan Presentation
We review assumptions, goals, and capacity for gifting and present a variety of options in a simple, concise format, allowing our clients to evaluate each idea.


Step 7: Build the Team or work with the clients' Existing Team

We assemble a well-rounded team, including a certified estate planning attorney, tax preparer, and consultant/investment manager.


Step 8: Implementation

We collaborate with the chosen multidisciplinary team, to bring the planning desires, appropriate legal documents, income and estate tax implications, and philanthropic strategies to fruition.


Step 9: Renewal

At the end of the year, our client evaluates the completed work and plans for the coming year.


Step 10: Family Retreats

This is a service that offers a unique opportunity to align families in estate and charitable goals. These dedicated sessions provide insights into a family’s financial picture, prior estate planning, and discussions on new ideas for enhancing wealth preservation. This service may be part of the initial fixed fee or added retroactively upon utilization.

If you're curious to see how we can tailor an estate plan that resonates with your family's unique story, we stand ready to serve and would love to have a conversation on how Stavis Wealth could add value.


Click here for more information on our Family Retreats.