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Family Retreats

Our Family Retreats provide a unique opportunity for our clients to share their vision and wishes with their multi-generational family members, as well as align their family in estate and charitable goals. Dedicated time is spent with all adult family members reviewing the current financial picture, gaining insights into prior estate planning, and exploring new ideas to enhance wealth preservation and maximize wealth transfer.

Crafting Effective Retreats

Conducting successful Family Retreats is both an art and a science. We apply diagnostic tools to uncover individual and collective goals, utilizing a scientific approach to reveal each family member's true vision and strategic path. Weeks before the retreat, each family member submits an assessment, including a motivator map, fostering open conversations and conflict exploration in a comfortable environment.

A Day of Alignment

The most effective meetings span a full day, hosted in an informal setting, ensuring comfort for all family members. A Certified Facilitator promotes objectivity and guides discussions based on individual assessments, promoting understanding, with the goal of uniting families toward mutual estate planning objectives.

Purposeful Outcomes

By blending holistic estate and estate tax planning with the motivators of each family member, our process gives purpose and structure to a meaningful Family Mission Statement. Together, we help create a roadmap for our client family's enduring legacy.

To learn more, feel free to reach out to our team via our Contact Page.